1. October 2023 and it’s getting cold but only kind of

    2023-10-24 16:44:56 UTC
    I love the Fall season but it’s never enough. I live in Colorado currently and you’d think it would be getting chilly and the leaves are falling, etc, etc. Instead, it’s the weird between where the mornings are cold so it’s hard to get out of bed but at least…

  2. A September update and inaugural blog post on a new website

    2023-09-21 22:29:53 UTC
    Oh wow, it’s September already. Time for my yearly tear down of my existing website and full rebranding. I put this website together today, made a new logo, the whole 9 yards. Someday I’ll be satisfied with it, I’m sure; I’m still learning and growing for now as I try…

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